Class Descriptions:

Introduction to Aerial Arts: Use this class to explore different aerial disciplines including silks, lyra, and trapeze. The class provides introductory instruction on a wide range of skills within those disciplines

Level 1 Silks: Introductory silks class. Working on climbing techniques, inverts, and skills from a single foot lock.

Level 2 Silks: Must be able to climb on both sides to top, perform side invert, and from single foot lock (Arch, Ronde Jambe, Back Split, Lady in the Sheets, Knee Hang, and Coffin). Class focuses on progressions towards double foot lock from “Dancer’s”, knee hooks, double crochet, cross back straddle, hip key.

Level 3/Intermediate: Must be able to demonstrate the skills listed under level 2. The classes progress to more complex skills and drops. 

55min Classes: $76.00/month 

90min Classes: $90.00/month

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