Rhythmic Gymnastics - Mayela Matthews

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a beautiful, elegant sport in which one dances with their favorite music using hand apparatus.  

Mayela offers fun recreational and competitive rhythmic classes for girls ages 5 to 18.  The students will be taught rhythmic gymnastics technique. Rhythmic gymnastics body positions and techniques are derived from classical ballet. 

They will learn apparatus skills and body skills (pivots/turns, jumps/leaps, balances and flexibility) and learn to combine them to perform beautiful rhythmic gymnastics routines.  We will be working with all five rhythmic gymnastics apparatus; hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon and rope.  For each hand apparatus there are basic skills specific to that particular instrument.  

Mayela's rhythmic gymnastics class provides students a positive and creative atmosphere that builds confidence and self-esteem. The students will have fun with the apparatus and will learn to use them in fun and spectacular ways. Gymnasts will have the freedom to create and develop artistically. 

Our rhythmic class enables every gymnast to progress at their own pace, developing body awareness, flexibility, strength, and confidence.

For more information or to register for the rhythmic gymnastics program, visit http://mayela-rhythmic.com/ 

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